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Developer: HALFBIT Ltd
Price: 0 free
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 month ago
First release : 02 Nov 2015
App size: 1.13 Mb
4.8 ( 7578 ratings )
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Introducing the best Gmail email desktop client. Built for Gmail addicts!

No need to set-up and learn another email application if you already know and love Gmail. Mailbox combines Gmails fast search, spam protection and endless storage with great Mac features.

Mailbox for Gmail allows you to;
- Run Gmail in its own application
- Retain the full power of Gmail
- Manage multiple Gmail accounts (*in-app purchase)
- Access Google Calendar and Drive
- Chat on Google Hangouts
- Receive email notifications
- Set global keyboard shortcuts
- Set Gmail as the default email application
- Block out all distractions with Do not Disturb mode
- Automatically BCC Emails
- Block Gmail ads

We love to hear your feedback. Please remember, we cannot reply to your comments in the Mac App Store.

If you have a question, please contact us through our support mail; [email protected]
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Available in countries
Country Price
Canada 2.79 CAD
China 12 CNY
France 2.29 EUR
Germany 2.29 EUR
Italy 2.29 EUR
Netherlands 2.29 EUR
Portugal 2.29 EUR
Spain 2.29 EUR
Poland 2.29 EUR
UK 1.99 GBP
India 159 INR
Japan 240 JPY
Poland 8.99 PLN
Russia 149 RUB
Turkey 8.99 TRY
USA 1.99 USD
Korea, Republic Of 2.19 USD
Ukraine 1.99 USD
Available for devices
The Best Free “Standalone” Gmail App for OS X

Apple Mail has been hinky since I upgraded my older Mini to Yosemite. Almost all my email is through Gmail. So I made a project of trying all the free email apps in the App Store. SPOILER: They all work about the same. Some have more lag than others; some have unfortunate design choices … but all require you to sign out of one Gmail account before you can access another. I.e., you already have an app for that: the browser. I like to use a dedicated app for email (habit)—AND I’m lazy. So I’m a fan of Mailbox Lite. Its snappy and the design is well thought-out. For a 1-time fee, you can have multiple Gmail accounts open simultaneously. Other apps offer this—but Mailbox Lite uses a simple tabbed interface to switch between open acounts. That’s typical of Halfbit’s approach to UI design: they work to reduce friction for the user. I’ve emailed with the developer, who is responsive & detailed in his replies. This is more important than is usually observed: we’re all used to dealing with faceless devs at quite a remove (if we ever do), but can you think of a designer whose products you use more frequently than an app’s? Your car, maybe—& when was the last time you had input on dashboard design with Nissan or BMW? If you want to use Gmail in its own windowed app—& especially if you want to switch between Gmail accounts without having to sign out of Account A & then in to Account B, as in the browser—you should give Mailbox Lite a try. Hell, it’s free. I predict you’ll like the interface & pop for the multiple-accounts feature. I did.

Needs a little work

This app is great for basic email checking and composing. There are a few bugs that they need to work out. 1. when you switch accounts don’t send me to a web browser to open that other account (defeats the purpose of the app) 2. make it possible to view attachments through the app. having to open a browser just to view an attachment is, again, defeating the purpose of the app other than those 2 minor annoyances, I would say this is a great alternative to the regular old iMail app that comes pre-installed on your mac

Google no longer supports this app

There is a notice from Google when you open this app that says that Google no longer supports it. Don’t buy this app until you see that Halfbit has updated to fix this problem.

Overall it’s good but it’s too expenisive

I have multiple email accounts and I really want to have an email app to manage my emails. This is a good one but costs a little. But after I actually bought it, it asked me for extra $4.99 for adding more than one accounts. If I don’t pay, I would wast my already paid $1.99. It is not much but still irrtating and deceptive.

I wrote a bad review because the app didn’t seem to open

I tried re-booting the IOS but the app did not seem to run any longer. It seems like it had something to do with a dialog box that needed to be “clicked.” The box suddenly appeared and now the app is back running.

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