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Current version: 1.0.6, last update: 3 months ago
First release : 19 Feb 2016
App size: 2.88 Mb
4.7 ( 7327 ratings )
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AdBlock Master is the Best Free Ad Blockers for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera in Mac in 2016.
A lot of people ask How can I block ads on Safari & Google Chrome? How can I remove ads from Firefox? How do I get adblock? Adblock Master is designed for this. After using AdBlock Master, you can surf the web without annoying ads.

Blocks YouTube, Facebook and ads everywhere on the web.

· Animated ads
· Autoplay-sound ads
· Overlay ads
· Pop-ups / Pop-unders
· Expanding ads
· Interstitial page ads
· Video ads / Overlay in-video ads
· Facebook ads
· Webmail ads
· All other annoying ads
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Country Price
Canada free
China free
France free
Germany free
Italy free
Netherlands free
Portugal free
Spain free
Poland free
UK free
India free
Japan free
Poland free
Russia free
Turkey free
USA free
Korea, Republic Of free
Ukraine free
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Latest version AdBlock Master: Popup Ads Blocker, Protect Browser: 1.0.6

Fix bugs

Apps Changes History:
  • New App Version 4.99 -> 0
  • New App Version 0.00 -> 4.99
  • 9 months ago: New App Version 1.0.4 ☛ 1.0.6
  • 9 months ago: New App Version 1.0.3 ☛ 1.0.4
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.0.2 ☛ 1.0.3
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.0.0 ☛ 1.0.2
Asks me to rate right away

I really hate it when an app asks me to rate it a few minutes after downloading. I really don’t know if it is any good or not. A box came up asking me if I liked it with a choice of yes or no. I was kind and said yes, it brought me here so I gave it 3 stars. Annoying.

its great just download it.

no seriously. just look at all the other ratings.

App Works

For those who say that it doesn’t work, it does, if you follow the instructions to activate it. I wasn’t doing it right at first, so I still saw ads, then I took my time to closely follow the instructions and voila the ads are gone and good riddance! Ads are so distracting and take away the enjoyment of visiting sites, so I’m very happy to have this free app. Thanks for making it available for us to use at no charge.

adblock master

good app

So far so good

I’d been using this app for 1 hour, so can’t definitely say how good is it, but for now - it’s good for it’s purpouse.

Great once set up

Last steps of the set up could have been a little bit more idiot proof, but once I got the adblocker installed, I really enjoyed the lack of distracting ads.


la scarichi gratis.. la configuri e boom per funzionare visto che ti trova il problema… deviacquistare la versione a pagamento… che ovviamente non compro. per la serie.. ti creo il problema cosi mi paghi per darti la soluzione… dei geni direi

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