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Developer Tools Graphics & Design
Developer: Electric Pulp
Price: 0 free
Current version: 1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Dec 2013
App size: 1.59 Mb
4.1 ( 5631 ratings )
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Duo is a dual-paned web browser built for Responsive Web Design (RWD) that lets you browse the web in two views: your standard ‘desktop’ view as well as a typical ‘mobile’ view. By seeing these two views at the same time, you’re able to quickly test and work through multiple screen experiences rather than considering them separately.

Whether you’re a designer or a developer, project manager or client, Duo gives you a new tool to make your Responsive Web Design project go more smoothly than ever.

Get the bookmarklet: http://helloduo.com

Duo gives you an adjustable mobile view using the left pane.

The right pane defaults to an adjustable tablet / desktop view.

Navigating in either pane updates the other. No need to reload layouts to view pages at different sizes.

Duo has everything you need to make sure your design is doing what it should. Debug code in either pane.

Duo includes tools for clearing your cache and getting rid of those pesky cookies via standard key commands.

• LiveReload SUPPORT
Duo now includes support for LiveReload.

Use the convenient bookmarklet in your other browsers to push a site over to Duo. Get the bookmarklet: http://helloduo.com


Duo is designed for Responsive Web Design, not for user-agent sniffing. Duo also only refreshes both views for GET requests. Its probably not a good fit for your POST refresh heavy project, although we are actively looking at ways to accommodate this.

You can email [email protected] for support, or reach out to us on Twitter: @electricpulp. Thanks!
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Available in countries
Country Price
Canada 6.99 CAD
China 30 CNY
France 5.49 EUR
Germany 5.49 EUR
Italy 5.49 EUR
Netherlands 5.49 EUR
Portugal 5.49 EUR
Spain 5.49 EUR
Poland 5.49 EUR
UK 4.99 GBP
India 399 INR
Japan 600 JPY
Poland 23.99 PLN
Russia 379 RUB
Turkey 22.99 TRY
USA 4.99 USD
Korea, Republic Of 5.49 USD
Ukraine 4.99 USD
Available for devices

Cette application ne fonctionne pas et se contente d’ouvrir la page demandé dans les deux panneaux. Contrairement à ce qui est indiqué, les panneaux ne sont pas synchronisés et les sites ne se chargent pas en version mobile. Bref, application inutile en l’état.

Mobile Ansicht?

Tolle Idee aber ledier (noch) unbrauchbar. Ettliche Websites arbeiten mit Browserweichen welche die Software nicht erkennt, dabei ist es vermutlich ein Leichtes einen entspechenden User Agent iPhone / iPad zu imitieren was die Webdeveloper Tools im Safari z.B. erlauben. Sollte das gefixt sein gibt es von mir alle verfügbaren Sterne der Welt.

Tut was es tun soll …

… aber auch keinen Deut mehr. Man kann nicht zwischen Screen Sizes umschalten, etc. – für 4,49 zu teuer.

Promising concept for a dev-browser

… but still needs much work. * no way to configure the amout of the preview panes * no way to configure the widths of the preview panes * no way to set the height for a mobile preview pane * very sluggish performance when resizing window * no way to bookmark a url too expensive - interested users should wait.

Zwei Fenster mehr nicht

Eigentlich bringt die App nur zwei Fenster nebeneinander … mehr nicht. Wichtig wäre: - vorgefertigte Größen-Einstellungen - Browser-Kennung einstellbar So ist es nichts ...

Simple but effective

Nach wie vor keine voreinstellbare Browsergröße. File Upload Felder funktionieren nicht… Zu teuer für die erbrachte Leistung. Hoffe auf Besserung!

MAC OS X El Capitan

This app works no longer in MAC OS X El Capitan.

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