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The BoneBox™ Skull Viewer is a real-time 3D medical education tool that features exceptionally detailed anatomical skull models and unique interactive elements. It is developed by a team of anatomists, certified medical illustrators, animators, and programmers using actual human CT imaging data, and cutting-edge 3D modeling techniques.

Interaction with the BoneBox™ Skull Viewer utilizes true “real-time 3D”. Unlike other anatomical apps and programs, there are no pre-rendered frames or animations. Therefore, the user can orient the 3D skull in any position and zoom in to any location to explore anatomical structures.

The BoneBox™ Skull Viewer is appropriate for users at all levels, from secondary students to medical professionals.

• Views: By selecting the “Views” menu he user can interact with sagittal, coronal, and transverse sections of the skull. Color-coded, didactic models clearly show the bones that comprise the skull.

• Pins: By turning on the color coded pins, the user can study the names and locations of over 100 anatomical structures, including: bones, foramina, and prominent anatomical features. The pins and labels remain on screen and in the exact anatomical location during all real time 3D user interaction.

• Pen tool: Drawing with the multi-colored pen tool allows the user to draw directly on the surface of the 3D skull for use in the clinic, or classroom.

• Quizzing: The BoneBox™ Skull Viewer an excellent tool for any anatomy lecture or lab. Using the custom pin tool, instructors can place color-coded pins anywhere on the skull. Once placed, the instructor can write a question on the label of that pin. Students can then rotate the skull in 3D to gain a better understanding of that pin’s location on the model.

About iSO-FORM
iSO-FORM is a team of award winning medical artists, programmers and innovators who believe that we are on the verge of a new era of learning, where the user doesn’t just memorize facts, but discovers them through engaging interaction and exploration. We’re passionate about science, technology and art, so we live and work at that intersection. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, check us out at:
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Good but

Good app but 5 stars only if I can remove every bone to see joints and bones in a better way. Thank you


Whether for Medical Study or Artistic Endevours "THIS PROGRAM IS OUTSTANDING" A few things to know Command F will take you out of FULL SCREEN Mode Command Q will QUIT the program. This is a "MUST BUY" in my book. TRULY AMAZING !!!

Like it

Im not a doctor, nurse, or whatever else, so I cant attest to the accuracy of this app. However, I have been looking at it along with some legitimate medical books, like "Essential Clinical Anatomy," and it seems to be holding up. Pros: + Zooming and rotating are a lot easier than 3D4Medicals "Skeleton System Pro III." The latter is such a pain sometimes, spinning endlessly if not done right, that I appreciate this ones implementation of those features. + Pins stay in place when you rotate the skull. This is a big one for me, as "Skeleton System Pro III" also lacks this. It makes it much easier to view the same structure from multiple angles. + Different colored pins for bones vs. landmarks. It makes it easier to figure out what theyre trying to ask. + Colorized views make it easier to see where one bone ends and another begins. + Cross-sectional views are helpful. Cons: - You cant pan, so if youve zoomed in too far, part of the skull might be cut off. You either have to rotate the skull until you can see it, or zoom back out again. - When you click pins, it automatically draws in lines for sutures, etc., for you. While this makes it easier to know what its asking, at the end of the day, nobody is going to draw out structures on your skull and ask you to name them. - Clicking the pins is not always very accurate. Sometimes, the label for an adjacent structure will pop up instead, which is both distracting and counterproductive to trying to study, if it reveals a pin I havent gotten around to yet. - Pins that you add yourself are not saved if you quit the app. - Neither are drawings done with the pen. All in all, this is a pretty nifty app, although limited in utility: It is simplified, it only shows the skull, and it only gives the names of things, without additional information as to why you should care about them (what structures run through them, or attach to them, etc.). I think its good for a first run-through, to get a sense of whats what when you first start studying. If you want or need more detail, 3D4Medicals suite of apps or something similar is the way to go.

I Love this BUUUTTTTT...

I really love this app. its great for me to study for my Osteology Class, but i wish i could save my pins on it. Also, I kept getting green dots everywhere on the skull, mostly on the sutures. I just deleted it and ill see if it does it again but its an overall great app! EDIT: The green dots didny go away -.-

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