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Developer: Nikolai Krill
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Current version: 2.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 10 Nov 2015
App size: 52.42 Mb
4.4 ( 2804 ratings )
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Edit and run code in any programming language with just a single click. With CodeRunner, it has never been easier to write and test code, run scripts, work with algorithms, or simply experiment with a new coding or scripting language.

Run Your Code Instantly
• CodeRunner was built on the principle that you should be able to run your code instantly, in any language. CodeRunner can run code in 23 languages out-of-the-box, and can be easily extended to run code in any other language.

IDE-Level Code Completion
• Any programmer knows the importance of good code completion. Thats why CodeRunner supports full-blown IDE-level code completion for most languages, that includes fuzzy-search, tab-selectable placeholders, and documentation snippets.

Debugging with Breakpoints
• New in CodeRunner 2.2, you can set breakpoints and step through code line by line. Just click the text margin to set a breakpoint and start debugging. Explore the call stack, view and edit local variables, and leverage the full power of the debugger by issuing debugger commands. Debugging code in any language has never been this convenient.

Supported Languages for Running Code
• AppleScript, C, C++, C#, Go, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Lua, Markdown, Node.js, Objective-C/C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Shell Script, Swift, and user-added languages.

For a full list of supported languages and features, please visit
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Available in countries
Country Price
Canada 20.99 CAD
China 98 CNY
France 16.99 EUR
Germany 16.99 EUR
Italy 16.99 EUR
Netherlands 16.99 EUR
Portugal 16.99 EUR
Spain 16.99 EUR
Poland 16.99 EUR
UK 14.99 GBP
India 999.99 INR
Japan 999.99 JPY
Poland 69.99 PLN
Russia 999.99 RUB
Turkey 64.99 TRY
USA 14.99 USD
Korea, Republic Of 16.49 USD
Ukraine 14.99 USD
Available for devices

Latest version CodeRunner 2: 2.3

- Support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.
- Improved state restoration. Previously open windows, documents, and associated states are now fully restored between app launches.
- New indentation preference makes it easy to set a preferred indentation without modifying each language configuration separately.
- Smarter behavior of the tab and backspace keys when dealing with spaces-indentation.
- Expanded support for character encodings, and improved automatic detection of encoding when opening documents.
- Indentation of wrapped lines in the editor to reduce clutter.
- Print now includes syntax highlighting and line numbers.
- More neatly organized list of open documents under the Window menu and when right-clicking the dock icon.
- Ability to initiate running of code when right-clicking a tab.
- Text find shows the number of occurrences and highlights all results.
- Wrap lines preference affects the console in addition to the editor.
- Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes.

Apps Changes History:
  • New App Version 9.99 -> 0
  • New App Version 14.99 -> 9.99
  • New App Version 9.99 -> 14.99
  • New App Version 14.99 -> 9.99
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 2.2.2 ☛ 2.3
  • 2 years ago: New App Version 2.1 ☛ 2.2.2
  • New App Version 9.99 -> 14.99
  • New App Version 14.99 -> 9.99

I use it since years. Really useful when I want to test algorithm on different language. Really efficient and easy to use.

Meilleur éditeur Python pour Mac

Tout est dans le titre, c’est le meilleur éditeur pour Python (et surement d’autres langages) sur Mac, pas très cher de plus, je n’utilise plus que ça :-) .

Super appli

Excellente application : vraiment très pratique pour les développeurs comme moi qui passent sans arrêt d’un langage à l’autre (C#, Objective-C, PHP, C, javascript) et veulent simplement taper quelques lignes pour tester un concept. Ne plus avoir 30 000 applications a lancer est un vrai bonheur ! J’ai remarqué quelques bugs sur les fichiers (fichiers plus accessibles par les autres applications lorsqu’ils sont ouverts dans le projet CodeRunner, déplacement du fichier dans le dossier projet et non copie lorsqu’on glisse un fichier du finder vers la partie projet de code runner, …) mais rien de vraiment problématique pour qui fait attention. L’auto-complétion est très bien (elle ressemble comme 2 gouttes d’eau à celle de XCode), mais attention elle ne prend pas en compte les autres fichiers du projet. Si vous avez déclaré une classe dans un fichier et que vous créez une nouvelle instance de cette classe dans un autre fichier, le nom de la classe ne vous sera pas proposé (testé avec PHP). Mais à décharge ce n’est vraiment pas une fonctionnalité facile à implémenter : peu de logiciels le permettent, surtout à un prix aussi bas ! Bref un très bon investissement pour tout développeur qui se respecte.

Very disappointed

I thought it would be a useful tool. But I found this app always sort paths in $PATH in a wrong way. Completely unusable and no response from support channel.

Go-To App for so many things...

I started using CodeRunner 1 a few years ago during my studies and it has been a wonderful app. This won’t replace a full-blown IDE, but its simplicity and quickness are wonderful. You should get CodeRunner 2 if you are…: …learning to program, because it requires no setup like most IDEs do. You can easily & quickly play around and enjoy your journey into programming languages. …teaching peope how to programm. No UI Clutter, no bulky interfaces. Just you and your code. …a developer. Developing algorithms and playing around with code in a separate environment is very useful. And for me Version 2 is an improvement in any way: - break points are a game changer - improved UI and autocompletion - NO MORE TROUBLE with SANDBOXING. The transition between the AppStore purchase and the downloadable version was painless and silky smooth. Thank you! <3

Perfect if you know what to use it for

CodeRunner is a hybrid approach between a full IDE and a basic text editor. Its a small, light weight, clutter free app and yet it packs tons of features under its hood. It has not only syntax highlighting for pretty much all major languages, but also supports code completion for most of them. if that werent enough it also allows you to easily run and debug programs. Other tools like sublime text, atom or vscode are heading in a similar direction. What these three alternatives have in common are: Plugins. CodeRunner does not support something like this. This is a problem if you really want to set up your software to work with on larger projects. CodeRunner doesnt offer the flexibility to do just that. And yet I believe theres a huge opportunity for CodeRunner. Its absolutely perfect for projects that require between 5 seconds and 5 days of work. If youre a full time Python developer CodeRunner probably wont be the editor that you do your Python coding in. But it just might be the application for every other side project you might have. Its just super easy to use. Open your project no matter what its written in and run it, debug it, test it, change a few lines and fix it. Done. There is absolutely nothing to setup. It just works out of the box with pretty much all programming languages. I also want to recommend CodeRunner to computer science students. If you have multiple assigments in different programming languages CodeRunner is a huge time saver. You probably dont want a full IDE for all your weekly projects, but you also dont want to miss out features like running, debugging and code completion. The other 3 apps i mentioned arent really great either. Theres just too much of an overhead for setting up Atom or VSCode with all the plugins and settings you need. CodeRunner is nothing like that. Again, it just works. I read another review recommending this programm for teaching classes. Totally! Because there is no setup time to get everything running. Get CodeRunner if you have these side project that take a couple of days of your time. You’ll be amazed how fast you can get coding with it.

Praktisches Helferlein

Die App funktioniert problemlos und ist inzwischen mein Standardeditor für Python, PHP und HTML. Bei der bisher eingesparten Zeit ist die App für 15€ glatt geschenkt!

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