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Developer: SkyView Connectivity LLC
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Current version: 1.2, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 21 Sep 2015
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Connect to meters, relays and PLCs on your Mac quickly and easily over direct Ethernet communication (no middleware, no Internet needed). Get organized data at your fingertips to monitor your devices communicating with common industrial protocols.

Useful for people who:
People in facilities who want to view the power distribution information on their Mac desktop and laptop computers. This app can aid in keeping operators outside the Arc Flash zone, save time identifying electrical system conditions and provide a cost effective HMI. Innovative format process eliminates cumbersome on-site engineering configuration hours.

DeviceView for Mac uses the same Device Formats as the DeviceView iOS mobile app. Download device formats from the cloud for fast and easy device setup.

User Features & Benefits
Instant access to devices in your facility for your Mac computers.
Stay out of arc flash zone and access electrical system data and settings.
Add connectivity to your existing system. Nothing to remove or replace. Works with common industrial protocols such as Modbus®.
Direct communication link, no need for embedded servers and eliminates the need for “middleware”
Native macOS App that communicates directly, no need forWindows® emulators, servers or OCP servers anywhere in the system.
Easy integration - you can do it yourself. Use existing Device Formats or SkyView Connectivity can create them for you.
No typing in detailed register maps — format files for devices are in the SkyView Connectivity iCloud library. Contact SkyView Connectivity for custom formats.
Data from multiple devices can be displayed on a single table view.
Major device communication improvements for faster text and graphics screen updates.

Technical Specifications

Modbus® Supported functions:
Read Coil
Write Coil
Read Analog Inputs
Read Holding Registers
Write Holding Registers
Read Discrete Inputs

Data Formats supported:
Unsigned Integer 16 bit
Unsigned Integer 32 bit
Signed Integer 16 bit
Signed Integer 32 bit
Float 32 bit (IEEE-754 floating point)
Float 64 bit (IEEE-754 floating point)
32-bit ‘Modulus-10000’ Format (Schneider Electric ION)
Unsigned char (8 bit), Most Significant Byte and Least Significant Byte
Signed char (8 bit), Most Significant Byte and Least Significant Byte
Bitmaps and enumerations are read and written as 16 bit or 32 bit unsigned integers.

char (8 bit) quantity writes retain the value of the complementary 8 bits

Register Arithmetic
Integer and floating point operations:
unary plus +
unary minus -
multiplication *
division /
addition +
subtraction -
precedence change, or grouping ()
assignment of the calculation result =>

Bitwise operations:
bitwise shift right >>
bitwise shift left <<
bitwise and &
bitwise exclusive or ^
bitwise or |
bitwise not ~

More complex computations with the ability to change precedence and multiple references of the read register values.
Operators follow standard C operator precedence.
Variables are promoted following standard C promotion.

Enumerations are translated to text by user defined tables. The same tables used to translate read values are used for the input selection menus for read and write enumerations.
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Latest version DeviceView Read: 1.2

Major device communication improvements for faster text screen updates. Added ability to display data from multiple devices in a consolidated table view.

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  • 10 months ago: New App Version 1.0.0 ☛ 1.2