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First release : 27 May 2011
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Disk Drill Media Recovery is the most user-friendly data recovery app for Mac.

Disk Drill can recover your lost pictures and photos, music, documents, applications, videos and other data. "Quick Scan" and "Search for lost partitions" can recover files of any format. "Deep Scan" file recovery method works on a lower level and analyzes disks as a binary. It runs your hard drive recovery based on file signatures, thus original file names, locations and properties might be unrecoverable.

Disk Drill Media Recovery supports files recovery on all known systems: HFS, HFS+, FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, ExFAT, APFS and will even work with formatted disk images. If your data is still there, Disk Drill will undelete it for you.

Your lost data can be retrieved from any internal and external media: your Mac hard drive, any disk you can mount to your Mac, USB flash thumb drives, cameras, card-readers, external hard drives, iPods (Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Mini), mobile phones, other Macs connected in target mode, etc.

Disk Drill Media Recovery is developed by CleverFiles, a well-known brand in data recovery apps for many years now. You can be sure you are getting a quality product with endless possibilities. Remember to always drop us a line if you have any questions about Disk Drill at [email protected]

** Extra features **

- Flexible filters for searching & sorting of found files
- Live preview before scanning is complete

Starting with version 2.x/3.x it can get your data back from any byte-by-byte disk image. The following disk images are supported: DMG, ISO, IMG. Data recovery is easy as always, just 3 simple steps: #1 create the disk image (using Disk Utility, for example); #2 load it in Disk Drill; #3 hit Recover. Again, if you have any questions about the procedure to recover your files, feel free to email us at any time, we will gladly walk you through, and it will take you just a minute to start the recovery process.

!! Please Note: Disk Drill Media Recovery cannot recover data from iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

** How to create a disk image **

Disk Drill Media Recovery, the App Store version of the award-winning Disk Drill data recovery technology, uses uncompressed (byte-by-byte) disk images as the source for data recovery. Heres how you can create them really simple:

1. Run Disk Utility, its a standard Mac OS X app.
2. Go to File > New > Disk Image from "YOUR_DISK_NAME".
3. Choose "read-write" as your Image format. Do not choose "Compressed", or lost data will not be copied.
4. Set encryption to "none".
5. Save your disk image, and load it in Disk Drill Media Recovery when done.

Check this tutorial to learn how to recover your data fast and effortlessly: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/mas-disk-drill-media-recovery/

Some real-life reviews from our clients:

"I deleted by mistake M2T file 6 months ago. I bought Disk Drill and MIRACLE, I regained all my lost files" - Christophe Esteve

"In the past I have tried various recovery software packages but Disk Drill is so simple to use, there is no great learning curve, and it works every time for me" - Deda Arbez

"I have successfully used Disk Drill to recover 7 gigs of my videos which were deleted by mistake" - bonnycalvin

"I was in need to recover defect files and/or applications and it went fast and easy. Much better than anything else I tested. This App is a must for everyone." - WebFox
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Canada 54.99 CAD
China 258 CNY
France 43.99 EUR
Germany 43.99 EUR
Italy 43.99 EUR
Netherlands 43.99 EUR
Portugal 43.99 EUR
Spain 43.99 EUR
Poland 43.99 EUR
UK 38.99 GBP
India 999.99 INR
Japan 999.99 JPY
Poland 189.99 PLN
Russia 999.99 RUB
Turkey 179.99 TRY
USA 39.99 USD
Korea, Republic Of 43.99 USD
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Latest version Disk Drill Media Recovery: 3.5

* New Deep Scan signatures: JP2 (JPEG2000 image), LAYOUT (Google SketchUp LayOut document), MBOX (native archive format of some email clients), HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format), OLK15MESSAGE (MS Outlook for Mac), FMP12 (FileMaker Pro 12), IIQ (Phase One RAW Images), NOTEBOOK (SMART Notebook 16.x), ZRV (Philips Voice Traver), EWD (Essay Writer projects, by Shark-Space), SESX (Adobe Audition CC Session File)
* Improved Deep Scan signatures: M4B audiobooks, DV and MXF videos, FLAC lossless audio
* Deep Scan now supports disk images made from APFS partitions
* Disk Drill Media Recovery will now recommend to scan the entire disk if only a partition has been scanned to improve the overall recovery success
* Substantially improved recovery of ExFat partitions
* Better naming for reconstructed files by introducing Labeled items
* Improved thumbnails preview
* Improved sorting and grouping of the found items
* Improved managing and copying recoverable items from the mounted virtual drive
* Multiple UI improvements
* "Ridiculous Size" bug additional corrections in properly reading object sizes and physical locations within HFS+ Catalog Rebuild
* Multiple internal fixes

Apps Changes History:
  • 9 months ago: New App Version 3.1.772 ☛ 3.5
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 2.6.447 ☛ 3.1.772
  • New App Version 0.99 -> 0
  • New App Version 39.99 -> 0.99
  • New App Version 0.99 -> 39.99
  • New App Version 39.99 -> 0.99
  • New App Version 89.99 -> 39.99
  • New App Version 39.99 -> 89.99
  • New App Version 19.99 -> 39.99
  • New App Version 29.99 -> 19.99
grosse surprise

Javais testé la version beta qui était gratuite et complête, je profite donc de cette version light à prix discount pensant pouvoir lutiliser sur tous mes volumes autres que le disque de démarrage (comme spécifié dans les remarques) mais malheureusement cette version ne fonctionne que pour les disques externes, la restriction nest pas seulement pour le disque de démarrage mais aussi pour tous les autres disques internes. Donc à acheter en connaissance de cause.

le fonctionne pas on tres mal

le produit ne fonctionne ni sur disque exterieur ni sur sd carte et surtout pas sur disque interne jai meme fais la betise dacheter la version pro sur le net a 79 euros qui fonctionne pas ou presque pas vraiment deçu du logiciel.


passer votre chemin , fonctionne si on a de la chance que sur des disques durs externes !!!

Très efficace

Jutilise ce logiciel régulièrement pour réparer des disques dur externes. La seule limite que je lui donne, cest le manque de détails que lon obtient, dommage.

Help Ne fonctionne pas.

Ne fonctionne pas du tout avec mountain lion. Acheté pour rien.


Acheté sous la version Lion 10.6, ce logiciel fonctionnait très bien. Obligé de passer à Lion Mountain, ce logiciel ne fonctionne plus du tout. Besoin dune mise à jour rapidement, achat pour rien au final (pour linstant).

Thanks for the update

Now works on mountain lion ! thanks

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