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Developer: MacPaw Inc.
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Current version: 2.4.3, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 09 May 2016
App size: 33.88 Mb
4.7 ( 7287 ratings )
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Free up tons of disk space with Gemini 2. It finds duplicate and similar files in every corner of your Mac, including Photos, iTunes, and even external drives. And with the Smart Selection algorithm, you can trust Gemini to remove duplicates correctly and safely.
Gemini 2: The Duplicate File Finder is brought to you by the team behind CleanMyMac 3. Removing clutter and recovering disk space are our specialty, so we made a duplicate cleaner that does both like a pro. Get yourself Gemini 2 and you will...
Free up gigabytes of storage space:
* Find duplicate files of any kind: pics, music, docs, you name it

* Identify duplicate folders, too

* Delete duplicates on external drives and network volumes

* Remove duplicates in cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox

Organize your music and photos:
* Find duplicate photos in your Photos library

* Detect pictures that are similar, but not identical

* Spot iTunes duplicates 

* Find similar music in iTunes (files that differ only by format or bit rate)

Save time picking out duplicate files:
* Trust Gemini to autoselect the copies and keep the originals intact

* See how similar files differ with the help of handy icons

* Add your own Smart Selection rules, like deleting the duplicates that are older

Never lose an important file by mistake:
* If you removed the wrong duplicate, put it back in a click 

* Exclude certain files and folders from scan

* Move duplicates to a separate folder or onto a USB drive

* Replace copies with hardlinks to save space without deleting the files 

Make finding duplicates less of a drag:
* Enjoy the sleek space-themed design

* Have fun with wacky achievements and ranks

* See if you can spot the Easter Egg!

And if you’re wondering what tech reviews say about Gemini 2, wonder no more: we’ve gathered some of them below.
“I’ve been an active user of MacPaw’s Gemini software since its inception, and Gemini 2’s release today has made me fall in love with it all over again. In just the initial scan, Gemini 2 found more files and more places where I could intelligently clear and save space on my Mac.”

- 9to5mac
“If you want to clean up your Mac, but are trepidatious about digging around in your files and accidentally deleting something important, Gemini 2 has a lot to offer and makes the whole process very simple.”
“With Gemini 2 there’s little reason to fear duplicates. It has a polished, intuitive user interface and the brains to differentiate copies from originals by testing them against nearly a dozen different parameters. It’s also much faster, especially compared to digging through thousands of files and folders the old-fashioned way.”
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Canada 27.99 CAD
China 128 CNY
France 21.99 EUR
Germany 21.99 EUR
Italy 21.99 EUR
Netherlands 21.99 EUR
Portugal 21.99 EUR
Spain 21.99 EUR
Poland 21.99 EUR
UK 19.99 GBP
India 999.99 INR
Japan 999.99 JPY
Poland 94.99 PLN
Russia 999.99 RUB
Turkey 89.99 TRY
USA 19.99 USD
Korea, Republic Of 21.99 USD
Ukraine 19.99 USD
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Latest version Gemini 2: The Duplicate Finder: 2.4.3

[Fixed] Multiple minor improvements and known issue fixed.

Apps Changes History:
  • New App Version 29.99 -> 0
  • New App Version 19.99 -> 29.99
  • New App Version 29.99 -> 19.99
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  • New App Version 19.99 -> 13.99
  • 7 months ago: New App Version 2.4.2 ☛ 2.4.3
  • 8 months ago: New App Version 2.4.1 ☛ 2.4.2
  • 8 months ago: New App Version 2.3.8 ☛ 2.4.1
  • 9 months ago: New App Version 2.3.6 ☛ 2.3.8
Delete the files I wanted to save!!!

Terrible!!! Didnt realize what I wanted was gone until I went through my photos and realized the only photos I had were the ones I deleted. I would have lost 10,000 photos over the last 8 years, Thank god I had a back up on a hard drive before I used this product. I was hesitant to use iCloud, now I am using iCloud, save yourself the money and time….

Ne marche plus

A pu fonctionner à une époque mais desormais dès qu’on lui donne plus de quelques centaines de Gigs il plante tout le temps ou s’eternise. Bref inutilisabble.

App apparently destroyed hundreds of photos and tech spt is ignoring me

I have been ignored for four days now by Gemini tech support after an initial exchange of emails about how the Gemini “similar photos” function appears to have PERMANENTLY deleted hundreds of my photos through my iPhone8+ (and therefore also from my Cloud account), although it’s not supposed to be able to do that. I’m an expert user, have owned/used computer continuously since the early (gasp) 1980’s. I know how to follow app instructions - yet this happened. I have also tried to reach out to MacPaw on social media - no response. BUYER BEWARE.

Umständlich und nicht intuitiv!

…hast Du viele Duplikate, musst Du jede in einem eigenen Ordner öffnen und löschen :(

Does not work, support unhelpful

What more can I add? I bought Gemini 2 to deal with duplicate photos—some kind of glitch on vacation a few years ago resulted in doubles of all the photos I took then. But Gemini doesnt detect any at all. It just stops about 1/3 through, waits a few seconds, and announces "All neat! No duplicates found." Support was useless. They claimed that the problem is that Im using iPhoto instead of Photos on an unsupported system version. Which isnt even close to true: Im using Photos in High Sierra. I pointed that out, then nothing but silence from them. Im very disappointed.

Saves Time

What more can I say? Who has time to go looking for dups? Great app!


Wie wechselt man bloß von „ähnlich“ zu „identisch“? Screenshots aus einer Vorlesung werden ausnahmslos alle! angezeigt; wenig hilfreich!

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