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Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
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Current version: 3.25.0, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 20 Jan 2015
App size: 9.34 Mb
4.5 ( 2105 ratings )
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LastPass keeps all your passwords organized in one safe place. Secure your passwords or generate new, strong passwords. With LastPass, you only remember one password - your LastPass master password. Keep your passwords secret, and use LastPass to automatically fill out your logins, wherever you go.

Download our free app today and join millions managing passwords with LastPass – you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Download LastPass now and get the protection you need completely for free. You can use LastPass across all your devices, including phones, tablets, and personal computers, for free.


- Store all your usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts behind your LastPass master password
- Sync all of your passwords and logins across all your devices
- Quickly search for logins from your vault

- Store memberships, IDs, software keys, & other sensitive data
- Favorite notes for quick access
- Add secure photos and custom audio to your notes

- AES-256 bit encryption keeps your passwords and notes safe
- LastPass never has your encryption key – only you know your password
- Get emailed when other sites and services have been hacked
- Multifactor authentication: LastPass uses multiple methods of authentication to verify your identity
- Offline access to your vault

- Organize sites by folders in your vault
- Conveniently share passwords with others
- Log in to Safari and Chrome extensions online

- Plan ahead and give trusted family or friends a way to access your vault in case of an emergency.
- Add security and require a waiting period during which you can decline an Emergency Access request to your vault.
- Once access is granted, your vault syncs as a folder to their vault.

- Create secure passwords using the built-in password generator
- Set custom password length, and integrate capital or lowercase letters, symbols and numbers
- Set passwords to be pronounceable

- Share a folder of logins & notes with others, with a Shared Family Folder
- Premium multifactor authentication options for more security, such as YubiKey
- 1GB encrypted file storage
- Priority tech support
- And more

Business owners can download LastPass Enterprise to secure their business and share passwords safely among employees.

- Add and remove employee accounts from the Admin Console
- Sharing and storage of passwords among team members is simple & secure
- Configure security policies to restrict access and set requirements
- Active Directory integration for automated user provisioning
- Learn more at

With LastPass, keeping your password safe is simple. Simply lock all of your passwords away in your vault, and use your LastPass password to sign in to all your accounts. Use LastPass for document storage, password protection or workplace security. Our password locker can handle it all.

Download LastPass today!
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Latest version LastPass Password Manager: 3.25.0

This is a maintenance release, which improves secure input handling to avoid keyloggers, and includes fixes for several smaller usability issues reported by our customers.

Apps Changes History:
  • 10 months ago: New App Version 3.24.0 ☛ 3.25.0
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.23.0 ☛ 3.24.0
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.22.2 ☛ 3.23.0
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.22.1 ☛ 3.22.2
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.21.0 ☛ 3.22.1
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.20.0 ☛ 3.21.0
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.19.3 ☛ 3.20.0
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.19.2 ☛ 3.19.3
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.19.1 ☛ 3.19.2
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 3.19.0 ☛ 3.19.1
App freezes after a search

Maybe it is a bug with this version but the app freezes EVERY, SINGLE, TIME Steps to reproduce: 1. quick search an account (Apple ID in my case) 2. copy password (re-enter master password prompt) 3. the password is not copied to clipboard, the app is now frozen and the menu that appears when clicking the icon in toolbar becomes grayed out (all of it) The only solution is to get my passwords via safari extension.

A Splash Screen… in a security ap? Really?

In general, I hate splash screens. Pure Ego Ware. But when you put one into a security ap, I don’t understand why anyone wants to announce what they use to the rest of the world. I also hate aps that find a way to put themselves into startup without showing up in the User’s Startup Ap list. It makes If it supported that list, it would also support the ability to suppress the splash screen by using the “Start Hidden” feature of the GUI. Lastly, this app sits in duplication of the browser extension. If one has an internet connection that is not persistent, as in a laptop that is on the road, having access to secure notes outside of the browser is a good idea, as it is to store passwords for desktop applications. I wish for an application that could see when a desktop ap like Quicken was requesting a password, and it could fill that password field in. That is not what this ap does. It really sits in duplication of the extension, so given the silly splash screen, I see it as a good application that I do not need.

Lastpass used to be pretty decent, after being acquired by Log Me In, Not so much

Before being acquired by LogMeIn, Lastpass was a pretty decent application with proper support and applications that were secure and relatively reliable. With the LogMeIn merger they have become bogged down in app design instead of focusing on maintaining functionality. As websites have changed the login methods, from having user id and password on one screen to having the user id on one screen and the password submitted on a different screen, it can be setup in lastpass but requires some creative entry. To further complicate matters a number of websites have implimented some code in their sites which prevents lastpass from plugging in the user id and/or password. All lastpass would need to do is display a help window indicating the website has blocked the attempt to insert the password and to clck here to copy the password so the user can manually paste it in the field. Every time I have run into the website blocking the fill of information it’s because the website has blocked it. I’ve even had a website that would not allow me to paste a password in the password field. All of these are understood barriers, but instead of focusing on alternative ways to fill the password or work with the sites to come up with a way which would satisfy both providers they ignore it and work on the color and layout of their UI. To further errode the support this app is still in version 3 of last pass but all the plugins (OS X & win) and platforms are on version 4. This has caused the app to block my access to my secure notes or form fills, but only temporarily and only from the Mac App. The plugins and extensions still work fine, it’s just the lack of taking a user’s feedback as valid. Even when you try to point out that their website says one thing and they are instructing something else. They don’t get it and the wrong information still lays out on their site causing additional confusion and never getting resolved. I have had premium for 5 years but if they can’t get it together I’m going to explore alternatives.

Excellent password manager!

Been using the free version for a while and finally (and thankfully) purchased the subscription to use it everywhere. Works great between my devices and with two-factor enabled. Will definitely be renewing my subscription and recommending this to anyone looking for safe place to store sensitive information.

do not waste your time with this app

I used the free version of this app for a while but I stopped using it. I revisited it later on and decided to try the pay version so I paid my $12. After I paid, when I attempted to login, my pasword was not as I remembered it. I reached out to LastPass for help and they sent me a password reset email which did not work…I was eventually led to the scren which stated “LastPass account recovery failed. The LastPass browser plugin has not been installed. Please try account recovery again from a browser that has the LastPass plugin installed.” I was using the same computer and the same browser as when I installed the app. I reached out to LastPass and received an email that said they would get back to me; they never did. I trusted my passwords and my personal information to this company and they didn’t have the decency to even respond to my request yet they had no trouble taking my money. I lost $12 and an hour of my morning. DO NOT BUY THIS APP.

Worse than useless

This app doesn’t work when it’s working, and it doesn’t always work. First, it doesn’t work when it’s working: Even if the app were optimally functional, a lot of websites (banks, credit cards, shopping sites) doesn’t allow you to automatically fill in passwords. Second, the app does not always remember the passwords, especially when they’re updated. And don’t even think of letting the app change your passwords for you. That function NEVER works. Moreover, it makes every internet task more cumbersome because you are constantly having to tend to the app. Please don’t buy this app. It will ruin the day you spent trying to set it up, and it will ruin your day every time you try to use it.

Great Features

Geo Fencing access and credit monitoring are great addito9ons to password management.

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