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Lifestyle Productivity Business
Developer: Judhajit Ray
Price: 0 free
Current version: 1.5.8, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 04 Apr 2015
App size: 9.91 Mb
4.6 ( 136 ratings )
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This Mac Application will allow users to work on Google Keep on a minimalist app layout. Quickly capture your thoughts with pictures into colorful palettes on your Mac. Notes for Google Keep is the easiest way to access Google Keep notes on your Mac and do every bit of it.

Advantages of using Keep for Google Keep App:
- Now get notes reminder natively in Notification Center.
- Display Notes on Desktop.
- Add notes quickly from Status Bar icon.
- Make app transparent when inactive.
- Hot Key to open app faster.
- Option to open Multiple Windows for the same account.

Get Notes for Google Keep today and have Google Keep notes at your finger tip at anytime on your Mac.
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Available in countries
Country Price
Canada 3.99 CAD
China 18 CNY
France 3.49 EUR
Germany 3.49 EUR
Italy 3.49 EUR
Netherlands 3.49 EUR
Portugal 3.49 EUR
Spain 3.49 EUR
Poland 3.49 EUR
UK 2.99 GBP
India 249 INR
Japan 360 JPY
Poland 13.99 PLN
Russia 229 RUB
Turkey 12.99 TRY
USA 2.99 USD
Korea, Republic Of 3.29 USD
Ukraine 2.99 USD
Available for devices

Latest version Notes for Google Keep: 1.5.8

- Show behind desktop is fixed.
- App optimized for macOS High Sierra.
- Other minor bug fixes.
- Crash issues are fixed.
- Improved version.

Apps Changes History:
  • 10 months ago: New App Version 1.5.4 ☛ 1.5.8
  • 11 months ago: New App Version 1.5.3 ☛ 1.5.4
  • 11 months ago: New App Version 1.5.2 ☛ 1.5.3
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.5.1 ☛ 1.5.2
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.4.1 ☛ 1.5.1
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.3.7 ☛ 1.4.1
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.3.6 ☛ 1.3.7
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.3.5 ☛ 1.3.6
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.3.4 ☛ 1.3.5
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.3.3 ☛ 1.3.4
Très bien

C’est exactement la même application que Google Keep pour iphone et Ipad et de plus en y mettant la même adresse que sur iphone, tout est synchronisé. Excellent :)


Une simple fenêtre avec Google Chrome dedans = 3€, ne gaspiller pas votre argent ! Si vous installer Chrome, vous aurez la même application fournie par Google et ce gratuitement.

Cheio de bugs

Aplicativo confuso e cheio de bugs. Quero meu dinheiro de volta!

The Google Keep website wrapped in a WebView

1. Yet another app that bundles the website into a webview. Thanks, but I could have done that with a Chrome plugin, for free :-( 2. The only thing it adds is the possibility to display the notes in the background, in a wallpaper-like form :-| 3. But: hiding the application, using „F12“ or so, also hides the wallpaper-notes :-( 4. The hotkey doesn’t work on El Capitan and the „Open at Login“ doesn’t work as the application can’t be added to the „login item list“ :-( 5. Using the browser shortcuts works, which is not cool as using „CMD + left-arrow-key“ jumps back to the login page :-( This is worth one third of what I paid but definitely not €2.99...

Niicht gelungen

wenn ich die App starte, sehe ich nur ein schwarzes Fenster.

Läuft gut

Prima App. Macht, was es soll. Wie auf dem iPad oder iPhone


純正に近い使いごこちで大変使いやすく、すばらしい。 ただ難を言えば、デスクトップに表示させた際に、表示位置がずれることがあります。 メニューバーアイコンを一旦クリックすることで表示がリセットできるのですが、 それを強制的におこなうことで表示が戻ります。 安定感としてどうだかなーということで★ひとつマイナス。 2016/07/05追記 ネットワーク環境が変わるとき、動作が不安定になります。 自宅⇌職場⇌職場2と動き回る事がおおいのですが、 Wi-Fiやテザリングで環境を切り替えます。そうすると急に書き込みができなくなったり、 文字が2重に入力されたり…オフラインでの動作安定を望みます。 前回の不満も解決されていませんので、さらに★ひとつマイナス。

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